Toulouse, ‘la ville en rose’

The Pyrenees viewed from central Toulouse

People choose this region for many and varied reasons but an oft cited one is the preference to be within striking distance of a vibrant and thriving city and Toulouse fits this bill perfectly.

Toulouse is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and the fourth largest city in France (after Paris, Marseille and Lyon). Toulouse has been a major success story since World War II and whilst much of the world is seeing stagnation and unemployment, companies in and around Toulouse are expanding fast. The city has attracted a vast range of investment from companies in the high tech sector, the aeronautical industry and the medical world, including public and private sector investment in the largest cancer hospital and research centre in Europe, the Toulouse Canceropole.

A young and vibrant city with a strong economy, Toulouse is an important centre for education with a world famous university and more students than any other provincial city in France. It also has a strong Latin vibe thanks to its close proximity to Spain which inspires its architecture and its temperament. Also known as ‘la ville rose’ due to the predominant colour of the bricks, Toulouse is a major cultural centre, packed with museums, galleries and interesting architecture. This is a city that is a pleasure to visit; its transport system is exemplary, with a clean and efficient metro line and plenty of underground parking while much of the old centre has been given over to pedestrians and a popular bike hire system implemented. More and more of my clients are looking to be within an hour of this great city and it is easy to understand why.


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