Top 10 things to do when looking for the perfect house in France

Call me I’ll deal with the other nine…


Wishing you a wonderful 2018; may all your property dreams come true

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Latest French Property Price Report

The Notaires de France have recently released the latest review of the French property market and house prices in France over the last three years. In many parts of France, prices have remained fairly static but, in the Occitanie region, there has been a gradual but, nevertheless, upward trend in house prices, . . . → Read More: Latest French Property Price Report

An unusually faithful conversion

In this job, I am lucky enough to visit a huge number of very interesting and unusual properties. These can range from crumbling mountain barns to enormous Chateaux and pretty much everything in-between but this week was the first time that I have viewed a converted chapel which probably shows how unusual . . . → Read More: An unusually faithful conversion

Golf in the Pyrénées

I am not a golfer (at least not since I gave my father concussion when he was teaching me how to hold a club age 9) but, if I were, this is where I would want to play golf. It may only be a nine hole course but what it lacks in . . . → Read More: Golf in the Pyrénées