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Live and Let Live in the Ariège – June 2021 French Property News
FPN article Call of the Wild – Will the French property market be changed after Covid-19, Nadia Jordan believes that security, privacy and self-sufficiency will be top of house-hunters lists more.
Conquering the Cols: Rehabilitation through Adventure – Nadia Jordan met a brave band of veterans who embarked on the cross-mountain challenge of a lifetime …. more
 Know The Market – France remains one of the world’s most de- sirable locations and the great thing about buying a property here is that the system is incredibly well regulated and designed to protect the buyer at all stages.
7 essential criteria for househunting in France
IMG_4011 (1)French Property News: How to decide where to buy in France: 
 Five questions with a property finder in the Midi-PyreneesIMG_4205
P1160183Property outlook in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France
IMG_8189Ten questions to ask when viewing a property in France
Marsoulas2French Property News  – Although the buying process in France is relatively straightforward, Nadia Jordan presents some potential problems you could discover – and how to overcome them
A tour of Bagnères-de-Luchon – Looking to buy in France and put your property to work? Nadia Jordan shows us around spa town Bagnères-de-Luchon, a southern gem with year-round appeal …more
The property finder who went up a mountain... Nadia Jordan recalls how she used her knowledge of how French estate agents work (plus a soupçon of professional guile) to add a wonderful Southern Midi-Pyrénées property to her clients’ short-list.. more
Expat InterviewMy name is Nadia Jordan and I am English but have somehow ended up living out here in the little known region of the Ariège in South West France. The Ariège is a beautiful, unspoiled region tucked in the foothills and valleys of the Pyrénées national park but still only an hour from Toulouse, the second fastest growing city in France. I moved here eleven years ago with my husband, a pilot, our three children (now four) and far too many dogs and cats to a house that is and will probably always be, an ongoing project.
photoBathing beauty Looking to buy in France and put your property to work?
I get asked all the time whether French property is still a good investment. Well the simple answer is that if you are looking for a beautiful, stone-built, classic French house in a stable country with a very high standard of living, then you can’t go wrong. more
A Safe Bet
For most of us when we are looking to buy a house, we start the process with our head and finish with our heart. Luckily, in this part of France, it doesn’t matter which you use; you can safely buy a house here with your heart or your head because it is both a sensible place to invest in property and a wonderful place to live or come on holiday…..
Alive and thriving in our hidden corner of France
Nadia Jordan and family felt life was predictable, so they left for a place where no one talks about house prices.The first question we are often asked when people discover we live in France is why did we move, lock stock and barrel with three young children to a place practically nobody has heard of? …
Ten tips on buying a renovation projectUntitled

We Brits are known as both courageous and slightly bonkers in France thanks to our penchant for buying complete wrecks and spending immense amounts of time, effort and money in restoring them. Here are 10 factors to consider before taking the plunge…more…

Hitting a High NoteCagateille and girls lowres

The south-east corner of the Midi-Pyrénées is a well-kept secret. Nadia Jordan lives there and spills the beans on what she sees as a hidden paradise with fabulous mountain views at every turn, lots of pretty market towns and ski resorts not far away: more

Paragliding (or parapenting) in the Pyrénéescol-d'agnes300

Nadia Jordan takes to the sky over France Paragliding or parapenting as it is known in France, has recently emerged as the most popular way to take to the skies and is one of the fastest growing, year-round sports in the Midi-Pyrénées.more…

Notable towns in the AriègeIMG_1360

The quiet country towns of the Ariege are full of character with a rich history. Many are just as they always were; you won’t find big, countrywide chain stores, only quirky boutiques and charming cafes, hidden squares and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. more…
The Pyrenees viewed from central ToulouseNotable towns in the Haute Garonne The Haute Garonne has numerous historic and interesting towns. Some are influenced by the architecture of its capital, Toulouse, with its red brick buildings and Romanesque churches… others by the mountain lifestyle of the south of the region. more…
A ski chalet for 20,000 euros?Barn in snow

In the Ariège Pyrénées, you can find the perfect location for a ski chalet/mountain property for €20,000 if you are prepared to restore the shepherd’s hut that comes with said location – that’s everything, including installing electricity and plumbing. more…
How to buy a house in FranceRIMG0073
Once your offer on a French property has been accepted, you will sign a Compromis de Vente with the vendor drawn up by the local Notaire. This is a written document and binding agreement between the vendor and the buyer which means that gazumping is pretty much non-existent in France. more…
Winter sunshine in the Foothills Viewing a property: 10 questions to ask Nadia Jordan offers the benefit of her experience as a property finder in the Pyrénées and reveals 10 of the most important questions to ask of an agent when searching for your ideal home in France.More
walking-trailsLe Chemin de Liberté or the freedom trail over the Pyrénées

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