Is moving to France really for you?


Have you considered the practicalities?

If this is going to be a permanent move, it means that there are many emotions involved so it is vital to put some of these aside. It is great to have a dream but it needs to be based on reality for your move to work long-term. For example, if you still need to make a living post your move to France, bear in mind that this is harder in a foreign country so don’t just move and then hope to find employment. Work out the career and income first and then start looking for the house. If it is a retirement home, make sure you have worked out how your pension will transfer and get advice on tax and healthcare implications. This is easier said than done right now as nobody knows what is going to happen post Brexit but agreements will be worked out and you will need to be aware of them and make sure they are going to work for you. If it is a holiday home, are you going to be renting it out and, if so, when do you want to use it yourself? If in peak holiday times, this could be a problem for making any rental income. In addition, you will be having to manage another property from abroad so make sure that you have the time to do this and consider locations that will make this easier.

Why France?

Presumably you have been on holiday to France and loved it but living in another country year-round is different to being on holiday so make sure you visit out of season and talk about the pros and cons with other people who have made the move. Quality of life in France is often said to be the best in the world but it has to be a quality of life that suits you; if you are used to having mod cons and lots of conveniences on your doorstep, moving to rural France may not offer the quality of life you are after. France is a hugely varied country so you need to decide what lifestyle you are looking for and which region can provide this on a day-to-day basis.

Which house?

Once you have decided that France is definitely for you and have narrowed down to a specific region, you can start to think about the style of home you are looking for and the type of property that will suit you best. Do you want a large farmhouse with lots of land in the middle of nowhere, a smart Maison de Maître in a village or town, a lock-up-and-leave village house or an apartment in a ski or spa town with all facilities? It is safe to say that you can find pretty much any kind of property here in France but a perfect house in the wrong location is the wrong house even if it ticks every other box. So before you begin your property search, make sure you know the sort of lifestyle you want and also, how you are going to achieve it. Then do your research and find an area you love, which also suits your lifestyle and that you can afford.

Finally start thinking about the kind of house that would work for you. This is the part I can help you with so, once you have reached this stage, get in touch and I will make sure this stage of the process is easy, un-stressful and hopefully enjoyable to boot.


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