Made in France

I recently watched a horrifying documentary on the clothes and fashion industry (The True Cost, Netflix) which should be obligatory watching for us all. Like many people in this part of France in terms of what we eat, I try to be very careful about buying locally grown, seasonal produce mainly from . . . → Read More: Made in France

Are the French really lazy?

We are deep into the August vacances here in France and I am struggling to get hold of agents, owners and Notaires; it sometimes seems that everyone is on holiday (and nothing wrong with that; I am planning to join them very soon). This is of course exactly the image of France . . . → Read More: Are the French really lazy?

South West France open for business

Chateau Saint Michel

In the past, most foreigners buying a property in France were looking for either a holiday house or a property for their retirement. This has changed in the last ten years and I am seeing a younger generation of buyers including singles, couples and young families moving to this part . . . → Read More: South West France open for business

The latest from Brexit Negotiations

News from the latest round of Brexit negotiations is that “some concrete progress” has been made and that negotiators had “engaged in detail” on the core matters of citizens’ and healthcare rights and on economic rights.

One of the most important agreements is on the right to healthcare; David Davis confirmed this . . . → Read More: The latest from Brexit Negotiations