Can I still buy a house and move to France permanently after Brexit?

Life has of course become more complicated since Brexit for British nationals living in France and for Brits wishing to move to France and live here permanently. But it is still entirely possible, there is just a bit more paperwork and a few more hoops to jump through than previously was the case.

You still have every right to buy a property in France after 2021; the difference now being that, since January 1st this year, British buyers are now non-EU citizens which means that for anyone wanting to move to France to live, you will first have to go through the immigration process as a ‘Third Country National’ and apply for a long stay visa known as a Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour or a VLS-TS. To do this, you need to apply in advance (leave enough time as it can take weeks or even months) to the French Consulate in the UK. To make an appointment, you need to go to this site:

Expect to be asked for various documents such as
– Proof of medical insurance
– Proof of accommodation as to where you will be living
– Proof of funds
– Reasons for coming to France (to work or study/ join family members etc)

Once you have your visa and are in France, you have two months to apply for a non-European carte de séjour, as long as you fulfil certain requirements such as being able to support yourself financially. The website for applications is:

If you are hoping to move to France for your retirement, this is also still possible for British nationals, but you will similarly need to apply for a VLS-TS, and you will need to prove sufficient resources to support yourself and proof of health insurance. It is thought that income requirements for retirees will be lower than that of a working household and will take capital assets into account so for example, if you are a retiree who owns a home in France without a mortgage, you would be likely to have your visa approved.

If you need help with finding property and moving to France, please get in touch:


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