I make no excuse for including markets and food under the heading of activities because, in my opinion, eating and anything food related is certainly a legitimate activity here in this region of France. As everyone knows, eating is one of the major pleasures of living in France, where each region’s cuisine reflects its history, geography and culture. Often you get a better idea of the regional specialities from visiting the open air markets than you do dining in restaurants.

Shopping at the weekly farmers’ market in the local town is always a highlight and especially so in Ariège and Haute Garonne. Much of the produce is organically grown and the market is the best place to find the delicious locally produced cheeses, sausages, honey and preserves as well as specialty breads not usually available in bakeries. This is traditionally a region of cheese, honey, mountain-cured pork, duck and foie gras but these days you’ll also find more unusual products such as bison, ostrich, mohair wool, donkey’s milk and hazelnut oil. Noticeable also at the markets here is a strong Spanish influence; you can buy portions of freshly cooked paella from the largest paella pans you are ever likely to see and great legs of Spanish ham or strings of spicy chorizo.




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