The Post-Covid Home

There is no doubt that Covid19 has caused huge upheaval for all of us in our daily lives and the consequences are already having an impact on our homes. As our priorities have shifted from work to home, we are changing the way we live; our homes have become our protective shell, our . . . → Read More: The Post-Covid Home

Interview: Five questions with a property finder

This is an interview I did for a magazine that might answer a few questions about using a property finder and about the Midi-Pyrenées region:

Where in the Midi-Pyrénées are you based?

I am based on the border of the Haute Garonne and the Ariège, located an hour south west . . . → Read More: Interview: Five questions with a property finder

House-hunting tips from the experts

Here are five house hunting tips from my colleagues in The French Property Finders network:

1. The internet is a handy research tool and a place to begin but there is no substitute for getting out there and viewing houses – lots of houses. Usually our property finders will view up to . . . → Read More: House-hunting tips from the experts

La Vie du Château

La Vie du Château is a dream that many people still have when they start the house hunting process in France and ‘how much for a Château’ is a question I am often asked. There is definitely still a perception that it is possible to buy a French Château for next to . . . → Read More: La Vie du Château