House-hunting tips from the experts

Here are five house hunting tips from my colleagues in The French Property Finders network:

1. The internet is a handy research tool and a place to begin but there is no substitute for getting out there and viewing houses – lots of houses. Usually our property finders will view up to . . . → Read More: House-hunting tips from the experts

La Vie du Château

La Vie du Château is a dream that many people still have when they start the house hunting process in France and ‘how much for a Château’ is a question I am often asked. There is definitely still a perception that it is possible to buy a French Château for next to . . . → Read More: La Vie du Château

Found – the classic French house

I think I have just seen a house which could legitimately be said to define the ‘classic French house’, something that many of my clients ask me to find for them. I still get excited during a search when I come across a property which I know at once matches exactly my . . . → Read More: Found – the classic French house

Making the dream happen

I have just completed a search and agreed a deal on a fantastic property for some lovely clients. They could not be happier and neither could I – when everything clicks with a search and the people and property fit like a glove, it is an immensely satisfying feeling.

I had a . . . → Read More: Making the dream happen