‘S no W time to invest in the Alps, the Pyrenees is the place to be

While the Autumn colours and blue sky days are still in full swing here in the foothills, snow has arrived up in the mountains of the Pyrenees and thoughts are turning to skiing, winter sports, log fires, warming cassoulets and vin chaud. In terms of property search enquiries, the focus is now on ski properties either in small mountain villages or in the bigger towns in the valleys with easy access to various ski resorts and facilities such as cafés, restaurants, and spa facilities all within walking distance.

While the Alps have become overpriced both for property and for skiing, here in the Pyrenees, excellent value mountain properties can still be found for buyers seeking boltholes they can use winter and summer, rent out easily and hopefully reap some eventual capital gain.

The last decade has seen massive investment in the resorts here in the Pyrenees, resulting in better access and faster lifts, many more snow-making machines and better infrastructure. Surprisingly, however, property prices have not risen at the same rate as these improvements so that ski property in the Pyrenees is currently looking like a very good buy.

In addition, skiing and holidaying in the Pyrenees is still relatively affordable, most notably, when it comes to ski passes, food, and accommodation thanks to the fact that, in the mountain villages of the Pyrenees, the restaurants and shops are mostly small family run enterprises whose primary aim is simply to make a living. This is not an area of commercial savvy and most small businesses have been here for generations. They also tend to operate year-round as part of the local community, as they have for centuries, as opposed to fleecing the tourists as much as possible during the few short months of the winter season. It is the same story with lift passes which are around half the price of those in the Alps.

So not only is the dream of a ski property achievable here in the Pyrenees, you will also save money when you come on holiday and there is also an excellent year-round rental market.

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