Where to start with finding the perfect property in France

Autumn colours in the Pyrenees

The French property market is very buoyant and has been for the last two years with house prices in France showing a rise throughout the country of an average of +5.8% this year, which is the 20th consecutive quarter of rising property prices. The projection for house prices in France shows a continuing upward trend of +3.1% during 2022 according to the Notaires de France.

So, if your dream is to buy a property in France either as your main home or a holiday home, it might be worth starting your search sooner rather than later as the era of historically low property prices in France could well be over and already buyers are starting to find themselves priced out of the most popular areas.

There are a few key points to keep in mind as you begin your search, particularly when considering the location, the type of property and how you plan to use it. It can help to make a checklist to keep focused on your priorities and practical considerations (so that, once ticked, you can let your heart take over).

Where do you want to be in France?
Consider climate, accessibility, and surroundings (hills, lakes, coastal, mountains, village or city). Do you want heat and a Mediterranean climate or grass and rivers and forests? Would you like to be close to facilities and services and have neighbours or be isolated (most people tell me they want to be isolated but walking distance to a boulangerie and café!) Do you need to travel frequently in which case you will need to be close to a large city with an airport or a TGV line?

What kind of property do you want?
Consider the number of bedrooms you need and how much land you want. Do you want a character property or something more modern? How about taking on a renovation project or would you rather just move straight in?

Is this a permanent home, a holiday home or are you planning to run a business?
If it is a permanent home, do you plan to work from the house, in which case you will need a good internet connection and an office space. And do you want to be part of a community in which case you probably don’t want to be too isolated. How much land do you want? Ask yourself if you like gardening or prefer sitting on your terrace? If the property is to be a business, consider the type of clientele you are looking to attract and whether the income will be enough to support you especially if it is a seasonal business. And if it is a holiday home, think about how you and your family and friends will use it while there and what activities you are most likely to be looking to do whether that by cycling, walking, skiing, riding, visiting local attractions and towns or sitting in the local café watching the world go by.

There is one other consideration of course; budget
We all have budgets to suit our own circumstances so get an idea online as to what your budget will buy you in different regions, so your expectations are realistic, and you are not disappointed when finally viewing properties for real. When looking at the cost of buying a house in France, remember that you need to calculate for 8-10% of buying costs and whatever work or alterations you want to do to the property.

If you bear all of these things in mind as you begin your search, you are much more likely to find the type of property and location that works best for you.

If you would like help with your property search, please get in touch: nadia@foothillsoffrance.com

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