Britons top the list of foreign buyers in France

Following an initial drop off in buyers from the UK immediately following Brexit, there has recently been a surge of new enquiries and purchasers perhaps as a result of the proposal that people who move to Europe before the end of the Brexit transition period in December 2020 will keep their rights as European residents in France.

The British remain top of the list of buyers in France with 25.9% of transactions in 2017, followed by Belgians with 18.4%, the Swiss 8.1% and Germans 7%.

Interestingly, however, the type of purchase has changed since the Brexit vote according to the latest report by BNP Paribas. The majority of British buyers in France are now planning a permanent move to France, purchasing property as their main residence (up 17%) while the number buying holiday homes or investment properties has dropped nearly 18%.

In addition, sterling is taking a huge hit with the prospect of a no deal Brexit becoming more likely and will potentially go through the floor if this scenario does indeed become a reality (let’s hope not and please ignore any currency advice, I get it wrong every time but I can put you in touch with experts if you are thinking of buying in France and want to talk through the currency options.) Hence, it appears that many Brits have decided that it is now or never to realize that dream of moving to France.

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