Larger choice

Because we are an independent property finder, we work with all the estate agents in this region, meaning that you are not limited to one agent’s properties but every property for sale in the region. And because we have close links with all the local estate agents we are in contact with them on a daily basis to ensure that you don’t miss out when the perfect house comes onto their books. In fact, we are regularly offered property by estate agents before it gets to the general public and unless you are on the spot, good properties can come and go before you have even seen them advertised.

Moreover, we can find properties which you will never see advertised on the internet because many of the estate agencies in this region do not even have a website – part of the old fashioned charm of France can also be frustrating and you really do have to visit each agency to find out what they have on their books.

We also work with notaries who often have some real gems that are only ever advertised locally which is often also the case with private sales in the region. Many more houses are sold privately in France than in the UK and the only way to discover these is to be on the spot as many French people privately selling houses here locally do not have access to the internet so will rely on petits annonces (private ads) and local posters to sell their houses. We will extensively research private sales for you, immediately saving you the 6% agents’ fee and ensuring that no stone is left unturned in our search for your perfect home in France.