Expert Local Knowledge

We have lived in the area for many years and know this region well and speak the language. We know the villages with the best views, the houses which may look idyllic in July and August but which we know are in a deep valley that only sees the sun in the summer months or the properties that are truly full of potential.

We can view houses in all weathers – there is every chance that he day you view a house is rainy and cloudy so you dismiss it without knowing that it actually the most stunning position with wall to wall views of the Pyrenees and a perfect cooler terrace at the back for the hotter months. This is why we take photos and write a detailed report for you so it is as if you had visited yourself and know the positives and the negatives before you decide to view.

We know which are the best schools, the best restaurants, the best walking, riding centre, shops and friendliest locals. This is the kind of extensive local knowledge that only comes from years of living in a region – unless of course you engage a property finder in which case, this local knowledge is all included as part of the service.