Latest French property market news

So far this Autumn, there continues to be signs of recovery in the housing market in France, with strong sales and prices moving upwards in many areas.

The impetus behind this recovery is probably down to a number of combining factors which include historically low interest rates and the weakness of the . . . → Read More: Latest French property market news

Summer in the foothills of France

Summer in the foothills – I am not sure there is anywhere better at this time of year.

Sunshine, blue skies, cooling breezes, mountain walks, picnics by the river or mountain lakes, cycling to favourite cafés, markets teeming with local produce, restaurant terraces full to bursting and a holiday atmosphere everywhere.

In . . . → Read More: Summer in the foothills of France

French property prices 2015/6

For the first time since 2012, the prices of old French houses in France have slightly increased according to the latest property report published by the Notaires de France at the end of January. The report shows that, in the third quarter of 2015, the prices of older properties in mainland France . . . → Read More: French property prices 2015/6

Property sales in France on the increase

According to the national association of Notaires in France, the French property market is picking up again, with British buyers prominent as Sterling has risen markedly against the Euro. Certainly here in the Midi-Pyrénées I am noticing a marked increase in activity and properties are selling much faster than in the last . . . → Read More: Property sales in France on the increase