House-hunting tips from the experts

Here are five house hunting tips from my colleagues in The French Property Finders network:

1. The internet is a handy research tool and a place to begin but there is no substitute for getting out there and viewing houses – lots of houses. Usually our property finders will view up to . . . → Read More: House-hunting tips from the experts

Gold or french property?

During a search, it usually takes me around eight weeks to draw up a short-list of perfect properties for my clients. That usually means I will have visited around 80 to 100 properties, most of which I will have eliminated as not matching all the important criteria. The short-list builds up slowly . . . → Read More: Gold or french property?

To be or not to be – your very own Hamlet

One of the best bits about this job is getting to visit lots of interesting houses, barns and ruins, many of them tucked away in hidden corners of the region. Some are wonderful, others less so but this morning I have just been to see something really unusual; a complete hamlet for sale made . . . → Read More: To be or not to be – your very own Hamlet