Ten reasons to choose the Occitanie region of France


1) A more laid-back lifestyle, focused on quality of life

2) A slower pace of life (apart from the odd madman behind the wheel!)

3) Lovely climate without extremes; lots of sunshine, warm summers, and sunny, bright winters, no wildfires, plenty of rainfall.

4) Variety of landscape and culture on your door; a change of cuisine, scenery, architecture, and climate is all right here as well as year-round access to both sea and mountains

5) Equally easy to access the whole of Europe if you fancy a change of language and country

6) Excellent, organic food and wine and local, seasonal fruit and vegetables with shopping in local markets, small shops and boulangeries rather than just supermarkets

7) Great health service

8) Low crime rate; very safe and secure place to live

9) Empty roads with beautiful views and not a traffic jam in sight

10) Steadily rising French property market but still offering great value for money

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