Studying at University in France

One of the many lovely squares in Toulouse

France is consistently ranked as one of the most popular countries in the world for students looking to study abroad and not just in Paris; numerous French cities are home to globally ranked universities, offering foreign students a high-class university experience and an excellent quality of student life.

France has a reputation for being a global leader in academia and is already the world’s top non-English speaking student destination. The French government offers scholarships to attract international students and, like most countries (apart from perhaps the UK right now), France realizes the many benefits of attracting students from abroad. Hence, Macron has made it one of his aims to find ways of increasing the numbers of foreign students. The result is that many French universities are planning to offer more courses in English with the aim to double the number of international students over the next ten years.

Student visa regulations will be simplified, international students will be offered more French classes and the number of courses taught in English, which has already increased fivefold since 2004, will be boosted further.

The main aim is to attract more students from Asia and the Gulf states but the increase in English-taught degree courses is also likely to attract more British students with fees in their hundreds rather than their thousands, even for the very best universities.

Toulouse is already in the top three university cities in France as well as being the world headquarters for aviation and spaceflight thanks to Airbus and having the largest specialist cancer hospital in Europe.Toulouse has the second largest student population in France and is an affordable city to live in plus it has all the advantages of climate and lifestyle that comes from being in South West France. Toulouse is also experiencing rapid population growth so there are plenty of work opportunities available in the city.

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