Latest French property market news


So far this Autumn, there continues to be signs of recovery in the housing market in France, with strong sales and prices moving upwards in many areas.

The impetus behind this recovery is probably down to a number of combining factors which include historically low interest rates and the weakness of the Euro against many other world currencies. In addition, while property prices are beginning to rise, property in France still offers incredibly good value for money along with, of course, the much envied quality of life inherent in the French lifestyle.

It is worth noting, however, that the overall upward movement in prices does not allow for a wide variety of regional market trends with prices in some departments and regions actually falling in the period, particularly in those areas where there have been the greatest price rises in the last few years such as Paris and the Languedoc.

The last two years have seen a large increase in the number of buyers from the UK. According to a joint survey by the Notaires of France, BNP Paribas and Rightmove, UK buyers accounted for 44% of all transactions in 2014 and 34% in 2015. The first half of 2016 has also seen a very buoyant property market and a strong representation of British buyers but the jury is still out on the market effects of Brexit and the accompanying uncertainty over the coming months and years.

In this region, it is the Ariège which has seen the greatest increase in prices, up 7.5% this year. The Haute Garonne has seen rises of 1.8% so far this year while the Gers has fallen 2.1%.

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