The French property market in 2022

The last five years have seen a gradual upward trend in the French property market following a very flat period for prices from 2012-2015. As usual, the market seems to track the economic and political situation in France, and both seem to approve of President Macron. Since he has been in power (he was . . . → Read More: The French property market in 2022

Further education in France

We have just had La Rentrée here in France, a very important time of year, possibly more so than the new calendar year. La Rentrée is the return of students to school and university as well as the return of the general population to work after the summer holidays. It thus heralds lots of . . . → Read More: Further education in France

Anyone for cheese? Half a kilo per week if you are French

Did you know that you can study for a degree in cheesemaking in France? In fact, not only a degree but you can then follow it with a Masters as well. Cheese making is taken very seriously in France and considered a highly respected profession. I suppose it makes sense; France has . . . → Read More: Anyone for cheese? Half a kilo per week if you are French

Made in France

I recently watched a horrifying documentary on the clothes and fashion industry (The True Cost, Netflix) which should be obligatory watching for us all. Like many people in this part of France in terms of what we eat, I try to be very careful about buying locally grown, seasonal produce mainly from . . . → Read More: Made in France