Reasons to (and not to) move to France (the foothills)

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Reasons To

  • Better quality of life (of course this depends on your definition of quality but, generally I would say that the French have their priorities right when it comes to lifestyle choices)
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Unspoiled natural environment
  • Fewer people, more space, uncrowded roads, no traffic jams
  • Greater environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Beautiful countryside, stunning scenery and mountain views
  • Skiing and a huge number of activities on the doorstep
  • Fabulous and varied climate
  • Safe environment
  • Paradise for children with lots of freedom
  • Politically stable (despite prevalence of two-timing presidents)
  • Clean, unpolluted rivers
  • Fantastic hunting, shooting and fishing if that’s your bag
  • Stunning old stone houses and beautiful, classic French architecture
  • The health service is as impressive as everyone says plus f you are a hypochondriac, you will fit right in
  • Sense of tradition and identity
  • Strong family values
  • High quality and delicious food and wine with abundant local, seasonal, organic fresh food and wonderful local markets
  • Fracking is banned
  • Shopping is not considered a leisure activity
  • Business opportunities (auto-entrepreneur status has opened the market and there is little competition – marketing has yet to reach much of rural France!)


Reasons Not To

  • If you are running away from a bad situation at home – it will still be a bad situation in another country
  • If you are determined to believe the stereotypes about the French being rude and arrogant. In reality, they are generally friendly and welcoming but you are a stranger in their country and must expect to do things their way even if you don’t like it – and you might even get to like it
  • If you’re not prepared to learn the language
  • If you expect American style, in-your-face service – they do things differently in France
  • If you don’t want to embrace French culture – both the upsides and downsides
  • If you are not patient enough to build proper relationships with the locals
  • If you want or expect German style efficiency rather than a more latin, laid-back attitude
  • If you expect anything to be open on Sundays (except boulangeries of course!)
  • If you are always in a hurry (to be ‘pressé’ can be used as a form of insult in France)
  • If you watch lots of television – French television is terrible (but French cinema films are excellent)
  • If you like flash cars and a bling lifestyle
  • If you can’t live without your takeaway curry or chinese meal (you can get a pizza!)

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