Made in France

I recently watched a horrifying documentary on the clothes and fashion industry (The True Cost, Netflix) which should be obligatory watching for us all. Like many people in this part of France in terms of what we eat, I try to be very careful about buying locally grown, seasonal produce mainly from . . . → Read More: Made in France

New Zealand versus the Ariège (not rugby!)

According to a recent article in the New Yorker; in the week following Trump’s election, 13,401 Americans, took the first official step toward New Zealand residency by registering with the country’s immigration authorities, presumably looking for some kind of bolt-hole should it become necessary. I mentioned this to a French friend and . . . → Read More: New Zealand versus the Ariège (not rugby!)

Summer in the foothills of France

Summer in the foothills – I am not sure there is anywhere better at this time of year.

Sunshine, blue skies, cooling breezes, mountain walks, picnics by the river or mountain lakes, cycling to favourite cafés, markets teeming with local produce, restaurant terraces full to bursting and a holiday atmosphere everywhere.

In . . . → Read More: Summer in the foothills of France

New Year, New Horizons

Winter sunshine in the Foothills

Happy 2015 to you all and I hope you were also lucky enough to be able to enjoy your Christmas Day apéritif outside in the sunshine and perhaps go for a snowy walk on Boxing Day followed by some excellent skiing in the days leading up . . . → Read More: New Year, New Horizons