Christmas in the Foothills


Christmas in rural France is a more low-key and less commercial than in many parts of the world and is based mainly around food, family and festive traditions.

The main Christmas meal is Le Réveillon de Noël and this is eaten on Christmas Eve around midnight to celebrate the . . . → Read More: Christmas in the Foothills

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Skiday

After two years of enforced closure for French ski resorts, this year is proving to be a bumper season. We had early snow in the mountains in November which formed a good, solid base on the slopes and then some heavy snowfalls since with the rest of the time being mainly sunny . . . → Read More: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Skiday

Affordable skiing in the Pyrenees

Following on from my last post, a new study by Locasun provides an interesting look at the comparative cost of skiing in 50 of the most popular ski resorts in France. According to the survey, the average cost of a week’s skiing varies between €400 and €800 per person when the cost . . . → Read More: Affordable skiing in the Pyrenees

Buying ski property in the Pyrenees

It is snowing in the ski resorts of the Pyrenees which means that, while much of Europe is facing months of grey cloud and rain, here in the foothills, we are looking forward to the blue skies of winter with snow-covered mountains on the horizon and, of course, skiing and winter sports.

. . . → Read More: Buying ski property in the Pyrenees