The Foreigner’s guide to French politics

Known as ‘The Fifth Republic’, the French political system is a mixed presidential/parliamentary system with a President who is head of state, sharing power with a Prime Minister who is the head of government. The French as a nation are very fond of politics so, if you plan to spend any time . . . → Read More: The Foreigner’s guide to French politics

An Immigrant’s View

As an immigrant in France since 2003, I know how I would feel if my neighbours here had all voted to leave the EU in order to get rid of us.

I am British but have lived and worked in France for the last 13 years with my husband and four children. . . . → Read More: An Immigrant’s View

Europe in the Foothills

The more mired down the Brexit issue gets in the arguments of immigration, the more we should realise how important it is that we have open borders, the freedom to travel and live abroad and education to help us understand foreign cultures. Even in our tucked away and rural region of France, . . . → Read More: Europe in the Foothills