The French Economic Paradox

BlaBlaTractor – car sharing in the Ariège

Traditional stereotypes of France are being turned on their heads: France is not the biggest producer of cheese in the world (that’s the US) nor does it boast the greatest number of varieties of cheese (that’s the UK). In fact, the latest ‘French Paradox’ has nothing . . . → Read More: The French Economic Paradox

What Triple AAA Rating?

While much of the rest of the world seems preoccupied with the loss of France’s triple AAA rating, here in the Ariege and Haute Garonne, the whole subject has been dismissed by the locals as utterly irrelevant. Not that it hasn’t been discussed – the French love a good debate – but for people here, . . . → Read More: What Triple AAA Rating?

Car Trouble in France

I don’t normally write about cars but my trusty 20 year old estate car finally gave up the fight last week and I found myself stuck on the side of the road going nowhere when I should have been en route to a packed day of viewings and appointments.

Always a stressful . . . → Read More: Car Trouble in France