How to trust your instincts when searching for a French property

The internet has in many ways proved a boon for house hunters in France making it possible to browse numerous listings and arrange viewings from the comfort of home instead of trailing around numerous estate agents in different towns and departments to view wholly unsuitable properties.

The downside, however, is that there is now so much information available out there that it can be frightening. Every possible pitfall is outlined in all its detail and every disaster that might befall you when buying a house shows up during any search about French property. So much so that I know buyers who have abandoned their dreams of a home in France completely because of fear that there might be something wrong with the house or the location or the neighbours……

The list is endless and there are, of course, numerous potential problems and difficulties, just as there are buying a house anywhere, or making any important decision in fact.

But then fear of something going wrong sucks the joy out of every opportunity; sometimes we just have to make the leap – or not leap at all and most likely regret it. When it comes to buying a house in France, it is the start of an adventure and of course there are risks, that’s why it is an adventure. But there is also so much to be gained and so much joy to be had. Daring to move out of our comfort zone is all about expanding our experiences so that life becomes bigger, more interesting, more colourful, more fulfilling.

I’m not advocating jumping first and looking afterwards of course. It is always worth doing your research and taking professional advice but don’t believe every story you read and remember that there is only so much you can research and so many boxes you can tick before you decide to take the plunge. It may be a cliché, but it is almost always true that we finish by regretting the things we didn’t do, not the things we did.

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