Some frequently asked questions about property finders

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

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Don’t estate agents provide relocation services?

No, estate agents just sell properties and of course they can only recommend properties featured on their database. We are completely independent and liaise with all the local estate agents in our area to find properties that match your brief exactly. We also research all private property sales which make up 50% of the houses for sale in France but which you are unlikely to find online.

How can I be sure you will find a house that fits my criteria?

Our close links with estate agents and private vendors means we get to hear about properties before or as soon as they come onto the market. So you get advance choice – something that is virtually impossible when you are trying to locate properties from a distance.
We also know the area. We live and work here, and our children attend local schools. You can therefore rely on us to ensure you have the required amenities close by and also exclude properties that may turn out to be in unsuitable locations.

Will I get value for money?

Because you won’t have to make regular or wasted trips to the area, you’ll save on flights, hire cars, petrol, overnight accommodation and restaurant costs. You will also save on countless phone calls to local estate agents plus all the other expenses of sourcing a home from a distance. We can obtain a variety of quotes from local tradesmen on your behalf, so you can choose the most competitive. Most important of all, we will make sure you are not being quoted a ‘foreigner’ price and our strong negotiating skills mean we can negotiate the best possible price for your new home.

But using our services isn’t just about saving money. It’s about saving valuable time and removing all the stress and hassle and enabling you to continue your life as normal while we do all the hard work for you.

How soon can I begin my property search?

As soon as you sign fill in our search brief. Get in touch:


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