Happy Christmas from the Foothills

Christmas is always seen as a deadline for the French property market but this year it feels even more pronounced. This is mainly because it has been a very difficult year for most people thanks to Covid and hence most buyers and sellers are looking forward to a new start in 2021, either moving on to pastures new or into their new home. In addition, the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31st has put pressure on any buyers with a British passport because they need to be settled in France by the end of the year to be granted the same rights as they would have had pre-Brexit

Usually Notaires and agents go into hibernation in December but not this year; the pent up demand from sellers and buyers following both lockdown periods has resulted in a rush to sell and buy property and a backlog of work for Notaires trying to get contracts completed.

The build up to Christmas here this year feels very different too, mainly because all restaurants, cafés and bars are closed until 20th January as are the ski lifts. This is particularly difficult in this part of France where Christmas revolves around eating and drinking, big family gatherings and skiing or adventures in the mountains. At least the food markets have been allowed to open and, thanks to our privileged location, we know that we will always have a white Christmas because on Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day we can drive up into the mountains for some sledging, snow-shoeing, picnics and mulled wine.

I hope that 2020 has not been too difficult and wish you a wonderful Christmas, bonnes fêtes and a very happy 2021; may all your property dreams come true.

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