France is top of the pops again for property


France has regained top place in the poll of the best place to emigrate published by the Overseas Guide Company (OGC). France was followed by former favourite, Spain, then Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal, while Australia and New Zealand waned in popularity.

The survey suggested that people wanted to be closer to home and family, even though they are emigrating. The OGC which bases its predictions on requests for information found that 33 percent of all the enquiries were for France.

One major reason is that the euro has weakened considerably in the past few months and getting a mortgage in France has never been cheaper.

France is still largely regarded as a safe place to invest in property and, with some very negotiable prices around, many buyers are taking advantage of the opportunity to benefit from the excellent value properties of a style and quality that they perhaps cannot afford at home.

In this part of France, there is a notable upsurge in the number of buyers and buyer confidence. Interestingly current demand is for the Southern Gers region where some of the best value properties are to be found so there are clearly some canny buyers out there. However, properties are selling much more quickly than in the last few years so don’t hang about if you do find your dream home.

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