French property undervalued


Astonishing how the property market can turn on a few pence (or centimes) but that is exactly what is happening right now in France where suddenly French property is looking distinctly undervalued.

A sure sign of this is that there has been a sudden resurgence in British buyers in the market because French houses are once again looking cheap to UK investors; in the last few weeks sterling has been making steady gains agains the Euro and it is currently at 1.30 Euros – £1, a rate not seen since 2008.

This has led to a sudden and very noticeable increase in enquires for property searches and to a surge in interest by British buyers for properties advertised for sale with many of the agents with whom I work. I am also seeing increased interest from potential American buyers who are enjoying an increasingly favourable dollar exchange rate.

On Thursday it looks like the Euro may well fall further against foreign currencies if QE is introduced by the European Bank and all the signs are that it is on the cards.

Combine this weakening of the Euro with the general fall in property prices across the board in France as well as the record low mortgage interest rates and there is no doubt that the French property market is currently a buyers market and a very attractive prospect for foreign investors.

So far, 2015 promises to offer exciting buying opportunities; your dream home just got a great deal more affordable. If you need help finding it, get in touch:

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