Happy New Year

Le Carre de l'Ange restaurant in St Lizier

Le Carre de l’Ange restaurant in St Lizier

Happy New Year – 2014 just sounds such much better than 2013 and property pundits everywhere are busy talking up the market. That’s fine by me but I have come to realise that my clients are very good at ignoring all the hype, both positive and negative because they are not primarily interested in making a quick buck from the ‘right’ house in France; they are motivated by quality of life factors. Which explains why there is still a steady flow of buyers here in the Midi-Pyrénées; one of the top five happiest places to live in France  according to a recent study by Globeco, a group of French analysts.

France has now overtaken Spain to become the most popular country in Europe in which to purchase a property and the second most popular country in the world after the United States for those looking for a second home. This doesn’t surprise me at all; France’s lifestyle appeal has never gone away whatever the economic environment and last year it enjoyed a surge in affordability with stable house prices and historically low interest rates which added further to its attraction.

I am very lucky to be able to help people realise their dreams of owning a home in France and to meet adventurous people who are coming to France for all the right reasons. So this year, I am looking forward to helping more francophiles who have always dreamed of either moving to France or having a second home in France and are brave and determined enough to chase that dream.

May all your french property resolutions come true in 2014.


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