That loving feeling

I am often asked what I like best about this job and actually there are many things but one of the best aspects of being a property finder is getting to look at so many beautiful and often historic properties. I love houses, I love buildings and I love architecture so combine that with stunning scenery everywhere I cover, including the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees on the horizon as well as the chance to work with so many interesting people and it really is the perfect emploi. However, there is also an inherent danger in this; I keep falling in love with the properties I am researching for my clients. There are just so many beautiful properties in this region and most of my clients have impeccable taste in houses (of course) so I get to see some real stunners – as well of course some real horrors but that does keep things in perspective.

At present I have some really interesting ongoing searches and yesterday I saw a house that I would happily have moved into there and then. It had everything that would put it in the bracket of dream French property; hundreds of years of history, built from beautiful stone, immaculately restored, outbuildings still in their original state, south facing, numerous terraces including a roof terrace, a stunning view of the mountains, lovely garden, completely private but at the edge of a village . It even had an office in the tower exactly my size (read, small).

In such a situation I allow myself five minutes of fantasy and then step back again to become the eyes of my clients. Happily, this one ticked every box for a current search brief and, although over their budget, I have some insider information which means I know that there is a deal to be done. It is a great feeling finding the perfect house for a client, especially as this is just one of a list of eight houses meeting all their criteria that I can now show them on their imminent viewing trip.

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