Gold or french property?

During a search, it usually takes me around eight weeks to draw up a short-list of perfect properties for my clients. That usually means I will have visited around 80 to 100 properties, most of which I will have eliminated as not matching all the important criteria. The short-list builds up slowly . . . → Read More: Gold or french property?

All quiet here in the foothills

Scenes of sunflowers and mountains instead of rioting here in the Haute Garonne


My French friends and neighbours have been, if anything more shocked than us to see the images on the news of the English rioting, looting and setting cars and shops alight. This just does not fit the stereotype of . . . → Read More: All quiet here in the foothills

The best of both worlds

The great thing about living right on the border of France and Spain is that, here in the Ariège and Haute Garonne, we get flavours of both cultures – with the emphasis on the best bits of each of course. Thus we have paella in the local markets and lots of Spanish . . . → Read More: The best of both worlds