It’s never too late

I just met a lovely couple, both in their 70s, who wanted some advice about moving out to France and buying a property here. They had always dreamed of living in France for as long as they could remember and they had talked about it many times. But each time they seriously considered making the move, something seemed to happen that persuaded them to put if off for another year or two.

So here they are now 75 years old, determined to finally fulfil that dream. Their children are grown up with lives of their own and there really is nothing to stop them making the move – except fear. But they have now admitted that it was exactly this fear of the unknown which has prevented them taking the plunge year after year and they refuse to let this fear control their lives any longer; it is time to turn that dream into reality.

They have decided to embrace the unknown with all the adventures such a leap may involve. Bad things and good things happen wherever we live and whichever path we choose but allowing fear to dictate the course of our lives means that we will never experience the highs and thrills that come with embracing new and unexpected opportunities; “if you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same…”

OK so I tend to leap first and then look but this couple have filled me with optimism for whatever the future may hold because, as they have proved, it is clearly never too late to just leap, follow your dreams and take charge of your life so that you never end up regretting un-followed paths and wondering what could have been.

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