Is moving to France really for you?

Have you considered the practicalities?

If this is going to be a permanent move, it means that there are many emotions involved so it is vital to put some of these aside. It is great to have a dream but it needs to be based on reality for your move to work long-term. For . . . → Read More: Is moving to France really for you?

An unusually faithful conversion

In this job, I am lucky enough to visit a huge number of very interesting and unusual properties. These can range from crumbling mountain barns to enormous Chateaux and pretty much everything in-between but this week was the first time that I have viewed a converted chapel which probably shows how unusual . . . → Read More: An unusually faithful conversion

To be or not to be – your very own Hamlet

One of the best bits about this job is getting to visit lots of interesting houses, barns and ruins, many of them tucked away in hidden corners of the region. Some are wonderful, others less so but this morning I have just been to see something really unusual; a complete hamlet for sale made . . . → Read More: To be or not to be – your very own Hamlet