France goes pesticide free

Since the start of the year, local authorities in France have been banned from using chemicals to clear weeds in public spaces, on roads and on paths. From 2019 this law will also apply to private householders. This pesticide ban is part of wider legal change in environmental law which will includes . . . → Read More: France goes pesticide free

‘The origin of species’ and local markets (horse-meat optional)

Pick ‘n’ mix – cepes, the king of the mushroom


The whole horse-meat farce has highlighted once again a subject close to my heart – the importance of buying and eating locally sourced, fresh and seasonal produce. In many countries we have become far too far removed from the source of our food . . . → Read More: ‘The origin of species’ and local markets (horse-meat optional)

Orchids and Tomatoes – in April!

For a few weeks already, Spring has well and truly sprung in our lovely corner of France and right now, it suddenly feels as if we have moved into full blown summer. I am no expert but it seems to me that the garden, woods and fields here are all at least a month . . . → Read More: Orchids and Tomatoes – in April!