What are the next ‘marches’ for Macron?

There is clearly a lot of relief this week both here in France and around the world following the French election result. There is a real sense of renewed energy and optimism amongst both the French population and those of us who have made France our home.

Certainly there are plenty of . . . → Read More: What are the next ‘marches’ for Macron?

Is the price right?

For anyone buying a property abroad, it is much more difficult to work out if the price you are paying is the right price. In France, it is particularly complicated to get an accurate picture.

Firstly, you are likely to see a property advertised at different prices by numerous different agencies (each . . . → Read More: Is the price right?

New Zealand versus the Ariège (not rugby!)

According to a recent article in the New Yorker; in the week following Trump’s election, 13,401 Americans, took the first official step toward New Zealand residency by registering with the country’s immigration authorities, presumably looking for some kind of bolt-hole should it become necessary. I mentioned this to a French friend and . . . → Read More: New Zealand versus the Ariège (not rugby!)

France goes pesticide free

Since the start of the year, local authorities in France have been banned from using chemicals to clear weeds in public spaces, on roads and on paths. From 2019 this law will also apply to private householders. This pesticide ban is part of wider legal change in environmental law which will includes . . . → Read More: France goes pesticide free